A smile. It’s not something you’d see on my face very often. Maybe every once and awhile I will somehow use whatever energy I have to force one on my face, but usually my facial expression is one of fear, anger, or just plain misery. You can’t blame me though. . . It’s hard to smile when you have an eating disorder who gets a kick out of verbally harassing me 24/7.

Yesturday though was different . . . very different.

That day, my dad took my sister and I down to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to see one of the greatest airshows on earth, the EAA. I’ve always been fascinated by planes. I find it amazing how these cumbersome pieces of machinery are somehow able to defy the laws of gravity. For 6 exciting hours, we explored the humungous grounds of EAA and watched in awe as talented pilots performed death-defying stunts high in the clear blue sky.

And for each and every second of those 6 fun-filled hours, a smile stretched from ear to ear on my face.

I can barely describe in words how absolutely freeing it was to feel happy. It felt like weight of the world was no longer on my shoulders and I could actually enjoy what was happening around me.  Maybe things are going to get better. Maybe my life isn’t a lost cause. Maybe, just maybe, I will get better.

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