The Scale

Yesterday things with the dietician went surprisingly well. The scale that I despise so much reported that I had gained 2lbs since the last visit. Of course, this may be due to the fact I had just eaten lunch and drank a ton of water. But hey, if it gets my parents to lay off a bit, I’ll take it.

You see ever since I had that incident with them finding the damn kettle ball, they’ve been watching my caloric intake like a hawk. I can’t drink water without them asking why I am not drinking sugary juice instead. I can’t eat fruit without them interrogating me about why I can’t stuff my face with a cookie and slice of cake. I mean, it’s just absolutely ridiculous! Don’t they realize how difficult it is to eat without anyone criticizing me about each and every bite?

The good thing though, is this constant questioning should subside.  Once my parents see an increase in my weight, they lay off a little which gives me a much needed breather. In a few weeks though I will have to see my dietician again, and if my weight hasn’t climbed, well then we’ll have a problem.  Guess I’ll just have to enjoy my break while I have the chance.

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