No More Being Mother

120 hours. For those of you who don’t want to do the math, that’s a grand total of 5 days. That’s also exactly how long my mom is away from home each and every week. She’s heads down to Chicago every Monday where she makes a living bossing people around at some research center. So while my mom is spending her days telling people what to do and enjoying gourmet food at some of Chicago’s finest restaurants, I am taking on the role of being a mother (and by the way, I am 15 years old). I clean the dishes, sort the laundry, attempt to cook, and sanitize our incredibly DIGUSTING bathroom. All while my extraordinarily lackadaisical pre-teen sister stares at the television for hours on end. I’ve made countless attempts to get my sister to at least assist with a few of the more simple chores (like taking our the trash), but apparently even the easiest of tasks are too much of burden for her. This just causes me to become extremely infuriated, which of course causes me to lash out and this leads to me being severely punished by my father. Just a wonderful system isn’t it?

Today though, with the encouragement of my therapist, I decided to lay down the law. No more will I be the one pulling the weight around for this household! I carefully created a simple (but beautiful) “Responsibility Chart” that clearly explains exactly what chores need to be accomplished for my sister and I. I swear, this chart is written so simply that even a complete idiotic (like my sister) could do what chores the chart lists. Also while writing it, I was careful to make sure there was no possible way one could find loop holes. My sister is quite good at doing this and is infamous for cleverly manipulating her way out of every possible chore.

Ok . . . so you’re probably like, “Why are you writing about this?”. Give me a chance explain. Creating the chart takes a huge stressor away from me and I am positive you all know that stress can easily trigger ED behaviors. It sure does for me! This chart is just helping prevent me from starting to unconsciously return to some pretty dangerous habits. So look, if you guys are stressed out, be proactive and start thinking of ways to alleviate that stress. No one can do it for you because you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings!


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