Sometimes I will sit and just look at pictures of ballerinas. I’ll glaze longingly at their elaborate leotards decorated with intricate embroidery and sparkly sequence. I observe their faces, so peaceful and yet so focused on moving their slender bodies with grace. Ever so often I will close my eyes and pretend I am that ravishing ballerina, dancing so confidently on stage.

But my daydreams of dancing are as far as I am ever going to get to actually wearing my own leotard and tutu.

Whenever I express this aspiration to my parents, they cut it down as if they were lumberjacks throwing their axe at a tree. They tell me dance will only exasperate my eating disorder, they tell me I am too old to put on ballet slippers, they tell me they will never allow me to set foot in a studio. All in all, they dismiss my dream as nothing but a mere childish fantasy.

But I believe that dance will help me in so many ways. It will certainly rebuild my confidence and self-esteem. Plus it will allow me to experience first-hand one of the most renowned forms of classical art there is today.

Unfortunately though, I am left to just keep on dreaming and hope that one day my parents will allow me to pursue something I always longed for.  . .  


8 thoughts on “Ballerina

    1. Thank you! I will keep chasing my dream even though I am unsure the outcome will be exactly what I have been wishing for.

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and keep on spreading the word about this blog!

  1. I can relate very much to this post, only my story is a bit different. My parents tell me to let go of my “pipe” dream to do Ballet, insist that I am too old, and with my current health…I just wouldn’t be cut out to dance Ballet. While, I think they are confused with the fact that I am not talking about dancing ballet as a career but rather a chance to experience something that I have a passion for….I know that Ballet means and will mean something more for me when I do get there. I want to know the beautiful classical art, build confidence and just stop merely getting lost in dreams of dancing Ballet so I can definitely relate : ) My parents will not be taking part in this dream of mine so I am left to do it on my own. Hopefully one day you will be able to pursue your dream, if not with your parents, then on your own maybe too! Have a lovely day.

    1. I know you will be able to pursue that dream. I can sense your determination and willpower. You deserve to have that dream and to chase. Tell your parents it is not a ballet career you are seeking, but a chance to experience one of the most beloved classical arts. I will pray for you and that your parents open their eyes and see your dreams.

      1. Thank you so much and I actually did tell them that it is not a Ballet Career. My mother understands it better but my stepfather is still not that insistence on it : ) Maybe some day, when I am in that class…they will truly see and understand all that it meant to me. God Bless

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