This Week’s Weigh-in

8:58am. That’s was the exact time my dad took a sharp left turn and pulled into the driveway of one of Aurora Hospital’s clinics. The clinic is a two story complex with a roof composed of hideous blueish-green panels and exterior walls made of brown and red bricks.  Around the perimeter of the clinic, are a few sad-looking bushes trapped in a sea of round gray rocks – a rather lackluster attempt at landscaping if I do say so myself. This clinic is home to Aurora’s outpatient vision center as well as some other random specialties, but it is also home to the dreaded Diabetes & Nutrition clinic. If you read this blog regularly I am sure you know what happens in here – it is where my fate is decided based on a damn number on the clinic’s electronic scale.

This week I somehow managed to maintain my weight. Of course, I am still considered underweight if you are going off of those ridiculous BMI charts . . . but hey, it’s a hell of a lot better than losing some pounds. I mean, if I lost another pound, I’ll be packing my bags and heading on off to some treatment center where I’ll have absolutely no control over my weight and food intake. All they do there is stuff you with food till you feel like you are going to vomit and force you to sit your ass on beat up couches.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound pretty enjoyable if you ask me . . .

So I am going to cooperate with my outpatient team and try to put on some pounds. I’m 15 and I haven’t even had my period yet so I guess that pretty much proves I am not at a healthy weight for my build and hey, I love kids and I want to have a family. But why does gaining weight have to as hard as all get out! I mean come on! I meet all these people who just complain nonstop about how they just can’t lose even gram and here I am, a girl who can lose weight without trying, attempting to do the exact opposite! It. is. so. frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “This Week’s Weigh-in

  1. Just wanted to stop by and encourage you by saying YOU CAN do it!! I don’t know what your going through but I can only hope that you will get to where you want to be ( and you sound disciplined and with a WILLINGNESS) to get there. All the best : )

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