School: Where All Life Stops

My summer is now officially over. At 7:22am, the school bell will ring and a mass of immature adolescents will crowd the school halls, nonchalantly talking to their friends as they go to their first class.  Though they are trapped in this torture chamber until 3pm, they all seem to be giddy and bursting with excitement. I, on the other hand, will not have a smile on my face or a friend to converse with. I will instead be that mousy girl, silently sneaking her way through the mob of juveniles to get to the safety of a classroom.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I really despise going to school. No, actually I loath it so much I would rather eat a chocolate bar (yes, the scariest food on Earth!) than attend classes. Why can’t I just be homeschooled? I’ve attempted to discuss this brilliant idea with my two parents, but they cut it down just like how a lumberjack mercilessly cuts down a beautiful tree. They claim that homeschooling would damage and maybe even delay my social development, but all homeschoolers know that this stereotype is completely false. I mean, what do my parents think I am going to do all day? Lock myself in my room and read books? Hell no! I would be exploring the world, volunteering, spending time investigating the principles of chemistry, uncovering the mysteries of human anatomy and physiology, enjoying my time singing in the Badger State Girl Choir, and of course practicing my favorite instrument – the violin. I would be doing so much more than other students in high school because I won’t be imprisoned in that horrible educational institution.

Gosh, I do wish my parents would just listen and hear what I am saying. I just want them to understand, but I gave up on that hope a while ago . . .


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