So It Wasn’t Terrible

For those of you who don’t know, yesterday was my very first day of my sophomore year of high school and believe me, I was no looking forward to it. To my surprise though, school wasn’t what my mind pictured it to be. My teachers weren’t like stone-cold prison guards, there was a population (though be it a rather small population) of students who seemed to have the ability to exhibit a little bit of self-control, and I was able to locate a few future MD’s to discuss the workings of our inner organs (I want to be a doctor, just so you know . . .).

The only absolutely terrible thing about school is a belief that my ED has drilled in my head – that I will get fat if I regularly attend an educational institution. Why? Well, I’ve often witnessed  young, relatively fit high school graduates head off to college and come back with a flabby belly, a double chin, and the infamous love handles. In other words, they became one of the many victims of the “freshman fifteen”.  So, therefore my black-and-white mind equates heading off to school with obesity.

Yes I know . . . that’s pretty illogical thinking isn’t it? I mean, going to high school isn’t going to make me fat. I’ve seen kids that have bodies that resemble the likeness of twigs and they go to school! Hell, those folks are probably there more than me since I am one of those kids who fakes sick since school really heightens my anxiety.  So I guess I can take solstice in that fact. . .

I’ll just have to keep challenging that thought and you guys make sure you start challenging your ED mind as well!


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