Miss America isn’t Miss Amazing

The Miss Amazing Pageant
The Miss Amazing Pageant

I’ve never liked pageants and I don’t think I ever will. I mean, have you ever seen Toddlers in Tiaras?  I am absolutely floored that it is not considered a form of child abuse to drag your 7 year old to salons in order to painfully wax their tiny eyebrows, shave their little legs, and paint their blemish-free skin in some chemical-laden spray tan.  It’s just sickening to watch!

That’s why I was skeptical when my eyes fell upon a news video on the TODAY show website about something called The Miss Amazing Pageant.   As I clicked on the link to view the news media, I mentally prepared myself for disturbing images of innocent children masked with so much make-up, they appeared to be in their early-20’s.  But as I watched the video I was shocked that I didn’t see 3 year olds with fake eyelashes or flippers, instead I saw images of beautiful and strong young women marching on stage with grace and confidence. When they smiled at the judges, you could tell it was genuine – not some trained, fake grin you see on Toddlers in Tiaras. What made this pageant even more spectacular was the girls who were participating in the pageant. There were contestants were Downs Syndrome. Contestants who were bound to wheelchairs. Contestants both who were high-functioning and low-functioning!  Whatever their diagnosis may be, each and every one of those girls had a mental or physical disability and they weren’t going to let that stop them from enjoying their life.

This pageant really got the gears in my mind turning and I began to think, “What really defines beauty?” Is it clothes from overrated retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister? Is it faces trapped in a mask of unnatural make-up? Is it obtaining a body that resembles a beanpole?

No. It’s not. What honestly defines beauty is one’s personality. One’s attitude. One’s true self. And let me tell you, each of the contestants matched that true definition to a tee.

I guess what I am trying to say is stopped looking in the damn mirror and compare yourself to those gaunt Vogue models. You know what, those girls may be considered beautiful on the outside, but you don’t know how they treat others or what they’re outlook on life is. Hey, for all you know, they could be a total b*tch!  Be like those Miss Amazing pageant contestants and put a smile on your face, let out a laugh, and have a little fun. Because that is, and always will be, the definition true beauty.




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