My church
My church

I absolutely dread Sundays. They are and forever will be the worst day of the week for me. Sundays begin with me dressing in formal clothing and dragging myself over to the small brick church my father preaches at.  After forcing a smile and schmoozing with the congregation’s members, everyone is herded into the plain sanctuary.  For the next  hour, monotonous hymns are sung and my father preaches about some random scripture in the Bible. I would take this time to catch up on sleep, but that would of course taint my family’s pristine image. We we wouldn’t want to do that now, would we?

    I have meant a few teenagers who adore going to a place of worship every week. Each of these adolescents seem to have such an amazing relationship with God and I just don’t understand how they managed to obtain that. I mean, I guess I believe in God. I think He had something to do with kick starting the Big Bang so that the Earth could be formed. I just don’t feel like I am like these teens who are able to walk hand-in-hand with the big guy up in the sky.

Maybe it’s because I disagree with some of the doctrine that is being taught in the United Methodist church, or any Christian church for that matter. You see, my belief is that ALL religions – whether it be Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, or Hinduism – are one in the same. They all have similar basic principles, they are just worded a little differently because all these religions come from various cultures and were founded at different points in time.  I  just  feel like Christianity is such an “exclusive” religion .They really just focus on Jesus Christ and say if you don’t believe in him, well you’re pretty much screwed. Hey look, I believe Jesus was an amazing guy and he was sent down by God to help the people living in that specific time and culture. But I also think that Buddha and Muhammad played the exact same role.

So as you can see, my little belief system causes a lot of conflict in my house. I have told my dad what I believe, and though he doesn’t present any signs of anger, I can see the disappointment in his ocean-blue eyes.  I know that I am hurting him when I say that I don’t think Christianity is the faith for me.  But the faith you chose to follow shouldn’t be based off of what your parents want. Instead, you should chose a faith with a doctrine that speaks to you and makes you feel closer to God. The journey of spirituality is a completely individualized process and the path you take should not be determined by your loved ones or companions.

Gosh, I am sorry I just droned on and on about religion. I probably just bored you to death!  Thanks for reading though and I really hope you have a better Sunday than me!


5 thoughts on “Sundays

    1. I am glad this post relates to you and thank you so much for commenting. Sometimes I feel like my parents are trying to mold me into a lie. Thank you again for your advice and inspiration words!

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 please just don’t let anyone (family included) surpress what you can be. You’re still human. Research facts on religion and learn ways to subdue the religion hold on yourself. Don’t take on a view unless it’s something that you want. Everyone is unique. Not the same in any way. Sometimes people think they will lose their picture perfect vision of life if something is different, when all they need to do is focus on themselves. You have a right to believe in whatever you choose. Dont let life pass by being unhappy. Even if it means it will get tough for a while. Its not worth a lifetime of grief.

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