Anorexia in the Family

Anorexia nervosa or really just any eating disorder doesn’t just affect one individual, it affects everyone. For 3 years now I have been dragging my mom and dad through hell all because of my eating disorder. At this point, they are tired, frustrated, and well . . . sick of me being sick. If I could tell them all that I am feeling right now, this video I made says it all. . .


6 thoughts on “Anorexia in the Family

  1. Claire, That was a beautiful Video! It made me want to tell you that’s your going to get there to where you want to be! All the best : )

  2. So beautiful, it’s so insane how accurate AND relate-able this post/video is. It’s not something we are fighting alone, a lot of girls go through the same thing 🙂 ThankYOU!

    1. You’re so welcome and thank you for watching. I am glad this video is something you can relate to! It’s nice to know that I am not the only way that feels this way.

  3. Such a simple video with big impact, i can feel the pain. Your video made me cry. As a mother of an anorexic child i can relate. Parents need to know its just as simple as that. Patience and understanding. But i hope you are also getting the help you need and not doing this alone.

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