Food as Medicine: Why Veganism isn’t the Key to Health

I am sure I am not the only individual with an eating disorder who finds herself subconsciously wandering into the library’s diet book section. Just like yeast thrives when exposed to the proper conditions, my eating disorder thrives when it is submersed in an environment of nothing but books that worship weight-loss. I remember though [...]


Food as Medicine: Could It Be Your “B”? We all know that having an eating disorder is no “walk in the park” for our bodies. Every time we starve ourselves, uncontrollably stuff food in our mouths, and stick a finger down our throats; we are inflicting some form of bodily harm on ourselves. We’re hurting the one muscle that gives us life [...]

Food as Medicine: Fats

Fats. It is a word the strikes fear into most people with eating disorders. Why? Because for some reason ED seems to think that eating an avocado or drizzling some olive oil on our salad will result in massive weight gain due to the fat content of these foods.  Today though we are going to [...]

Food as Medicine Series: Proteins

Proteins are worshiped like a god in the diet industry. They have been dubbed as the key to achieving that model-like physique so many of us have dreamed about. But from a scientific standpoint, what really are proteins and are they truly the answer to all of our weight-related issues? Proteins are not just a [...]

“Do You Really Have to Come Over?”

There are people in this world who are calm, collected and I rather enjoy being in the peaceful presence of these individuals. But there are beings that are impulsive, brash, and rather obnoxious. I don't know about you, but hanging out with one of these types of folks doesn't sound like a dream come true. [...]

Food as Medicine Series: Carbohydrates

As individuals with eating disorders, we all know our relationship with food is rather complicated. No matter if we are an anorexic, bulimic, binge eater, or disordered eater; in our eyes food is one of the few “effective” coping skills we possess.  That is exactly why I decided to produce a set of nutrition posts [...]

What Ana Does As I made this video, I honestly thought I was just creating some educational piece on the health complications of anorexia nervosa. I didn't really think that I was making this video for me as well. . . You see, when you have an eating disorder, sometimes you have to be reminded of the [...]