The Overweight Anorexic

Okay, I know that right now you probably think I am going nuts. I mean, how could someone struggle with anorexia nervosa and have massive proportions? Isn’t that impossible?

No, it’s not. For decades, the media, public, and even medical professionals have conjured up this  idea that an anorexic is a defined as an individual with sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, and a body of a Holocaust victim.  Little did we realize how untrue to this idea was. . .

Take a girl named Ali Hougnou of Long Island, New York as an example. At the young age of 15, this teen was given the grim classification of being obese. Shocked and embarrassed by this, she decided she would lose weight and though many people would applaud her for trying to get a svelter figure, just wait to hear how she dropped the pounds.

Hougnou decided that in order to have the body she always dreamed of , she would have to restrict her calories to an extremely unhealthy and dangerous amount. She began to only ingest 3 yogurts per day, each being a measly 80 calories, and also pop tons of diet pills. No one though was aware of this life-threatening behavior because on the outside she became a healthy size four.  Eventually after 9 long months, Hougnou got the treatment she needed in order to fight her anorexia.  But the sad thing though is the fact that it took that long for someone to realize that what she was doing could lead her to her grave.

Ali Hougnou isn’t the only person with this story.  Doctors at the Mayo Clinic found that 35% of the anorexics they treated actually started out as being overweight or obese.

So I am asking you all today to throw out the idea that in order to have anorexia, a person has to look like a starving Ethiopian.  In reality ANY ONE, fat or thin, could have anorexia.  Anorexia is not and should not be a disease defined by a person’s appearance, it should be a disease defined by a person’s behaviors.


3 thoughts on “The Overweight Anorexic

  1. I completely agree with you. It is a frame of mind! I am “recovered” now I am a healthy weight. But my anorexia is still something I battle with on a daily basis. From the day I woke up and decided to get skinny I starved and used diet pills. The first stone came off and everyone said how great I looked but it was after the second, third and fourth that they started to get worried. At that point I had been leading an anorexic life for almost a year. Once I was in therapy as soon as I hit my “healthy weight” I was discharged but I continued self harming and was now battling bulimia. Eating disorders are so much more than a number on a scale.

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