Twitter: The New Home of the Proana Movement

You know what saddens me more than anything? The fact that if I type in the term “anorexic” on Twitter’s search bar the first few accounts the are displayed aren’t the accounts of inspiration ED recovery activists or treatment centers. Instead, you’ll see accounts that post disturbing images of starved young women, pictures of the infamous thigh gap, and profile descriptions tainted with triggering numbers such as goal weights.

The accounts of these users are a part of a widely popular but certainly not new movement known as pro-ana. The dedicated members of this heartless campaign have a single goal, to encourage unsuspecting victims to welcome anorexia nervosa into their lives.   It all began once the internet entered the lives of our planet’s people.  Pro-ana leaders used the new-found technology to create toxic websites where other sickly individuals could discover tips on crash dieting and hiding weight-loss as well as connect with other fellow dedicated anorexics (which we all know can be an extremely dangerous, competitive relationship).

Although the internet is still infected with these pernicious websites, many website hosts have tried to them.  This makes it increasing difficult for these sites to form and destroy the lives of more innocent people. Unfortunately though, many pro-ana campaigners have found they can continue to spread their lethal gospel through social media sites like Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and of course the ever-so-popular Twitter without any repercussions.

My question is, “What is being down to end this?” For goodness sakes, those damn accounts on Twitter & other social media sites are promoting death. I know pro-ana believers would say that they are doing nothing but providing “support” to ED sufferers, but they are actually just SUPPORTING A DISEASE instead of encouraging treatment. I honestly think it’s time to end this madness and I plan to send a letter to Twitter asking them to stop putting the lives of others at risk by allowing these accounts to exist.

5 thoughts on “Twitter: The New Home of the Proana Movement

  1. Unfortunately, these sites have as much right to exist as those that are helpful. It is a reflection on the world that we live in. One would only hope that there are many more people such as you out there who are able to discern right from wrong.

    1. Yes, you’re right. It is the unfortunate truth that people are going continue to find a way to encourage anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, but we can help to make it harder and harder for the websites to exist.

  2. It is so refreshing to see somebody who has suffered/is suffering from an eating disorder speaking in this way about these websites. It saddens me so much to see people defend these sites with the kind of bullshit that claims the’re only providing support and that you can’t ‘catch’ an eating disorder. Thanks to these sites, you can. Hopefully thanks to yours, some people will be deterred x

    1. I hope so too! I completely understand that eating disorders can be a very isolating disease to have, so I can see why some of these sick people start these websites. But I believe these people need to think before they do so. When they establish these pro-ana sites or accounts, anyone can come across them. Young girls will are bound to stumble on these and maybe try some of the behaviors the websites suggest in order to lose weight.

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