The Inspiration Expedition

It's time to start smiling again . . .
It’s time to start smiling again . . .


In order to combat the plague of anxiety, eating disorder urges, and utter frustration that has fallen upon me, I went on a little internet expedition. My goal? To discover some inspirational quote that will provide me a beacon of light in these dark times.

After clicking my way through a countless host of websites, I finally found a quote that spoke to me. . .

“If I am not for myself, who will be?” ~ Pirkei Avot

Ever since I was a young, naive toddler, I remember the way I made myself happy was by pleasing others.  As years went by, this soon became the only way a sliver of joy would enter into my life and now I find my emotions so dependent on others, I have forgotten how I alone can put a smile on my face.

These wise words from the Pikei Avot have enlightened so much.  I need to stop living for others and begin to follow my heart and uncover my passions in order to feel the elation I long to experience.  Because you know what, everyone deserves to be happy and live a life that is filled with self-discovery, delight, and physical & spiritual well-being. . .. including me.

So now this quote will be written in neat cursive handwriting on a piece of paper and taped onto my bedroom wall. That way I can be rest assured that each and every morning, no matter how I feel, I will see that quote and be reminded that I deserve to live the life I want to live, not the life others want me to.


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