What is Wrong????!!!!!

There I was. Shuffling my feet down the sidewalk, trying to get to my dad’s car after the final school bell rang. My legs felt as weak as rubber bands and the pain in my back was stabbing and miserable.  Using all my might, I opened the door to my dad’s white Honda Accord and forced my stiff body into a sitting position on passenger seat.  My dad, looking weary, then looked at me and told me the news that I have been dying to know for the past 4 days – my MRI results.

“Claire, you’re arm MRI came back normal”

Those were the exact 7 words that came out of my dad’s mouth. I could feel frustration build up in me like a volcano ready to explode and as I looked at my dad, I could tell he felt the same. For months, I have been enduring this agonizing pain and I pinned all my hopes on this MRI, only to figure out we it gave us no answers.

We’re now back to square one and I am now back into one of the worst states of depression I have ever experienced.

For goodness sake, I just don’t want to be in this pain anymore! I am only 15 years old and yet the idea of walking from my room to the kitchen sounds like a harrowing task.

What is wrong me! Please, can some doctor just tell me what the hell is wrong with me!!!

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