Inside the Life of a Modeling Hopeful

As I sat in my room, drowning myself with anxious thoughts, I decided I needed to do something to distract myself. So, I jumped onto my computer and went on to the site known for its ability to interfere with one’s typical thought process – YouTube.

I watched hilarious videos of talking dogs, adorable home movies of curious youngsters, and of course I satisfied my endless thirst for knowledge by viewing some amazing TED Talks.

But the last video I watched shattered my fragile heart and brought tears to my eyes. It was a video produced by ABC News, called A Not So Glamorous Model Life. The whole 9 minute news story focused on three stunning teenager girls, who put their life on hold to try to achieve their dream of becoming a top model in NYC. These three young women had been discovered by two esteemed scouts known for bringing Ashton Kutcher into the spotlight. Only one of these girls would be chosen though to go to NYC and really the only determining factor was the dimensions of their figure.

These three girls were sent to temporarily live in the house of one of the scouts. Here they would undergo a grueling modeling boot camp where they attended long hours of modeling classes, brutal sessions of exercise, and were forced to drastically decrease their caloric intake. All for the sake of making sure their body measurements were that of a skeleton. By the end of the boot camp, the girl with the scrawniest figure was awarded the opportunity of a modeling career. The other two girls though were criticized for their inability to reach the prized emaciated appearance and were immediately sent home.

What made this video so disturbing to me was the fact I believe this is one of the ways an eating disorder can enter someone’s life. I mean, these girls were awarded when the pounds melted off them and ostracized when there was any sign of weight-gain. They had to endure hours of hardcore exercise and miserable days of starvation. How on earth is this humane? How do those damn scouts sleep at night when they are constantly picking away at self-esteem of these angelic young women? Don’t they feel any form of guilt?

No, apparently not. All those scouts care about is filling their deep pockets with a ton of cash. They have no interest in emotional and physical well-being of the girls they coerce into attempting a modeling career.

I just hope and pray that ED doesn’t find a way to poison the minds of the victims of the scouts, but my prayers are never going to be enough to stop ED. We need to band together and teach young girls to feel confident. We need to show them that the size of your waist or a number on a scale does not define your self-worth. So join me and next time you see a child smile and let them know they look wonderful. Sometimes a smile and a kind comment is all it takes repel ED. . .

3 thoughts on “Inside the Life of a Modeling Hopeful

  1. I just cringed watching the whole video, especially when they were measuring the girls. Even the mothers comment “you’ll thank me for not buying those cupcakes” seriously, grr. I feel sorry for them and completely agree with what you wrote. It’s so sad.

    1. I know! I cannot believe a mother would allow this to happen to their doctor!!!!! I hate the idea of them being judged just by their weight. They were all so beautiful and could have all been doing the catwalk in my opinion.

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