A Letter to Ed


I am not going to even going to put the word “dear” in front your damn name because you are nothing dear to me. Over almost 8 years of you living with me, you have done nothing but use your cruel words to pierce holes in my heart. You have forced deprive my body of nourishment  just so I can get your approval. You have destroyed my ability to form meaningful relationships because you would rather have me exercise than go and hang out with my fellow peers. Oh and to top it all off, you have ripped my relationships with my family to shreds,  just as you would rip a piece of flimsy white pap

So Ed, I want you to know now I am done. Completely, 100% done. I am sick and tired of feeling so isolated and anxious because of YOU! For goodness sake, if it wasn’t for you maybe I would have friends. Maybe I wouldn’t hate myself as much as I do. Maybe I would have a life!

Not too long ago, I thought you were my greatest confidant and the one who would stand by me in times of darkness. The funny thing is, YOU were the one causing the darkness in my life in the first place! I am finally realizing that! And so, today I shall begin the process of filing the divorce papers and I am going to kick you out of my house right this very instant. If you try to lay a finger on me again, I will find a way to get a restraining order.

If you know what’s best for you Ed, open the front door and walk your sorry ass out of here.  You are the worthless one. You are the ugly one. You are the one who should jut kill yourself. Not me!

Bye Forever,


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