What Ana Does

As I made this video, I honestly thought I was just creating some educational piece on the health complications of anorexia nervosa. I didn’t really think that I was making this video for me as well. . .

You see, when you have an eating disorder, sometimes you have to be reminded of the grim realities of the disease. When I was in treatment, they would drill in our fragile minds the plethora of medical issues are ED’s could cause or were currently causing, but it honestly meant nothing to me. I guess I just kept telling myself, “Well, I am not that sick” or “That would never happen to me”. Now though, I realize that every single one of those medical complications  I put on the video could easily happen to me, whether I like it or not.

Right now, I am starting to wonder if current medical issues that have invaded my life have anything to do with my history of anorexia nervosa. My family and I are still searching for a diagnosis, but I am not denying the fact that the time I have spent with ED could of had some serious medical implications.

If you are struggling with an ED right now, remember that any of those complications in the video ARE LIKELY to happen to you. You may think you aren’t sick enough and that your weight isn’t too low, but self-starvation takes a tremendous toll on your body. Every time you refuse yourself nourishment, you are body is slowly dying from the inside out.

So please keep fighting ED and remember to  . . .



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