“Do You Really Have to Come Over?”

There are people in this world who are calm, collected and I rather enjoy being in the peaceful presence of these individuals. But there are beings that are impulsive, brash, and rather obnoxious. I don’t know about you, but hanging out with one of these types of folks doesn’t sound like a dream come true.

Unfortunately though for the next two days, I will have to do just that. My house will be polluted with the boisterous voice of one of the most impetuous individuals I know. Who is this person? I’m sad to say it is my aunt.

Though I know my aunt really does love me, we don’t have what you would call a spotless history. When I was just barely tall enough to see above the bank counter, I would watch helplessly as violent wars would break out between my mom and my aunt. The ammunition used in these bloody battles were not just cruel words but, punches and slaps. I can’t describe in words how difficult it was to witness your own mother and aunt literally beat each other. I mean how could adult sisters do such a juvenile thing? I wish I could answer that question, but all I know is that those events of violence strained my relationship with my aunt.

As years went by and I got older, anorexia entered my life. My aunt and grandma visited when I was at my worst point and it was a terrible experience for me. My aunt would not stop judging my food intake and would continue to make rude remarks. I just remember that being extremely anxiety provoking and actually, despite her comments, I would find myself forcing myself to consume less calories. Maybe that was due to the stress of her presence.  When I was in recovery, I went to my grandparents and I was bombarded with her comments about what I was eating. She would continuously say that I looked “healthy” (which to an anorexic means I look fat) or that I was “eating better than before.”  Sometimes she would even have the nerve to criticize me when I would refuse cake or dessert. She would say, “Aren’t you better by now?” and I held back my anger each and every time those words came out of her mouth.

I honestly don’t know how I am going to survive these next two days. I am not feeling well,as you guys know, so the idea of having a critical and obnoxious person around doesn’t sound great at all!  My aunt seems to have no filter when she talks.  Whatever she thinks comes right out her big, fat mouth.

I’ll try my best to look on the bright side, but currently things are looking pretty darn dim.


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