Please Can You Just Be Proud?

For the past couple of days, my mom has been around the house more than usual. Normally, she spends the week working as a dictatorial manager down in the "Windy City" and then returns home on the weekends, bringing her despotic rule with her.   But instead of just having to live with her tyranny [...]


Crushed by my Role Model

If the option of being enrolled in a charter school was not available to me, I honestly don’t know what I would do. I would probably either be lost in a merciless sea of regular high school students or sitting at home, teaching myself the basics of biology and world history.  At the charter school, [...]

Mutated: New Insight into How Genes Play a Role in Eating Disorders

For years, individuals with eating disorders have been mysterious freaks of nature, confusing the medical profession for centuries.   Dedicated scientists have conjured up a countless amount of theories as to why people adopt these dangerous behaviors around food.  They range from young women starving themselves just for the attention to being the victim of poor [...]

A Letter to Ed

Ed, I am not going to even going to put the word "dear" in front your damn name because you are nothing dear to me. Over almost 8 years of you living with me, you have done nothing but use your cruel words to pierce holes in my heart. You have forced deprive my body [...]

Inside the Life of a Modeling Hopeful As I sat in my room, drowning myself with anxious thoughts, I decided I needed to do something to distract myself. So, I jumped onto my computer and went on to the site known for its ability to interfere with one's typical thought process - YouTube. I watched hilarious videos of talking dogs, adorable [...]


A hurricane of guilt has hit me with immense force, leaving a trail of massive destruction. What was the cause of this fatal freak of nature? A bloody war between my mother and I, each of us entering the battle with a complete arsenal of heartless remarks. It all began when I came home from [...]