“Let’s Cure Anorexia with Marijuana,” says the IDIOT!

Sometimes I find myself going on “internet safaris”, searching for some scientific study that shines a ray of hope for those of us with eating disorders. Sadly, those studies are few and hard to come by. Over the past couple of months, the studies I have uncovered have suggested treatment that I have deemed completely inhumane. Take the post I wrote about the Benioff Children’s Hospital. The so-called medical professionals gave their anorexic patients high-calorie diets from the get go instead of slowly increasing their caloric intake. They claimed that by doing this, it gets the kids to gain weight faster so they can get them out the door in a blink of an eye. Well, of course a high-cal diet is going to make then pack on the pounds in a swift manner! I mean duh! But what the folks at Benioff failed to realize is that eating high amounts of food are SCARY FOR ANOREXICS and it is easiest for the patient if you slowly wean them off of their anorexic diets. Though this story in particular was rather upsetting to me, I just discovered one that is even worse. One that I think will make everyone reading this go into a state of utter shock and bewilderment.

I found the story on a San Francisco Gate blog and it was entitled, “Study Shows THC Helps Anorexia Nervosa Patients Gain Weight”. Now one of my red flags went up right when my eyes scanned the title. In my opinion, weight gain for an anorexic should be done naturally, not through some artificial compound or drug. But that’s just my 2 cents, let me carry on about the contents of this disturbing article. Basically the study, which lasted a long three years, looked at the effectiveness of THC on severe chronic anorexics. So what’s THC? It’s one of the active ingredients in a well-known drug we call marijuana. Yes, this article is talking about giving ANOREXIC PATIENTS PATIENTS MARIJUANA! The study found that patients who received the THC ended up gaining 0.73kg (that’s about 1.6 lbs) more than the placebo group within 4 weeks. The reason for this weight gain is believed to be due to the fact that THC stimulates one’s appetite. Then the bold, pro-cannabis article went on to say that this is the perfect treatment for those suffering from chronic anorexia.

Yeah . . . because gaining weight totally eliminates all symptoms of an eating disorder.

Though this article lacked information and probably proper sources, I can’t help but think of how many people read it and are getting the wrong idea about eating disorders. With each article like this people are going to continue to think that once an anorexic gains weight, they are backed to normal. We all know though that this is far from the truth.  We all need to spread awareness about eating disorders because people need to hear the truth once and for all!


4 thoughts on ““Let’s Cure Anorexia with Marijuana,” says the IDIOT!

  1. I’m shocked anyone would even do this! As its a gateway to an addiction! I myself (stupidly) recently smoked it, and I can say its caused more problems! Why are people so stupid, gaining weight that fast will only cause one to go straight back to starving the self – I agree weight gain should be a slow gradual process.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought too! Weight gain NEEDS to be slow because it is too emotionally scarring to rapidly pack on pounds for those with eating disorders.

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