Not Sick Enough? Um are you kidding me???????

I just finished reading a post that lit a fire within me. Now rage is burning deep inside my soul and I need to vent.

The post was created by the gifted author of the blog “The Untold Story“. Each of her lovely writing compositions she displays on her blog is laced with pure honesty and exposes the struggles one face’s when their life is completely invaded by Ed. ย Many of her posts have triggered an emotional response for me. Sometimes streams of salty tears race down my face as my mind absorbs her writing. Other times though, I’ll find myself overflowing with fury. Not at her, but at the treatment system for eating disorders. This was one of those posts.

The post was entitled “Not Sick Enough” and in it she discussed how an inpatient treatment facility rejected her all because of one simple factor – her weight. Most treatment centers seem to be blind to the fact that eating disorders are a disease of the mind – not the body. ย  Yes of course, there are many physical ailments that result from constant purging and/or starvation, but every single one of those physical implications have originated from one single source – the brain. When a treatment center admits new patient, I am positive they completely overlook a patient if their weight is not fatally low. It doesn’t matter how mentally sick you are, what matters is how physically sick you are. I find that absolutely ridiculous!

So many people right now are being choked by monstrous hands of Ed, but they can’t get the help they need because a treatment center or even a doctor says they aren’t “thin” enough for treatment. If you are one of those people who have been rejected like that, DON’T GIVE UP. Get on the phone and call another doctor or call another treatment center and DEMAND you get the care you need. No one deserves to be beaten by Ed’s cruel words and actions, especially you.

Stay strong and keep fighting!


7 thoughts on “Not Sick Enough? Um are you kidding me???????

  1. Agreed! Overall health – including the mind, body, and emotions – should be considered when accepting someone into treatment. Yes, weight is a struggle for some with ED but others might not be underweight or overweight. This does not mean that they should be denied care. Many ED experts try to do the right thing but they make mistakes. This is one of them.

  2. So true. In the UK, the Government have recently been slated by mental health charities claiming that more needs to be done for mental health patients. I can’t believe professionals could be so naive to dismiss a patient as not that ill just because her weight just align with what’s said on a sheet of paper.

    Who are they to create the benchmarks for what constitutes ill? Eating disorders are not dietary, they are mental health disorders. I was discharged from NHS therapy because after 4 hours of therapy I refused to do my homework which was to eat a meal and not throw it up. I’d been suffering for what was then 4/5 years. I wasn’t ready to change so I was discharged, as though I was expected to go home, think about it a little bit and then say ‘oh, ok now i’m ready, i’ll go back to therapy’.

    It has angered me! There’s no understanding around this subject as it’s considered taboo so isn’t discussed in the public sphere in fear that understanding will lead to people suddenly developing an eating disorder, just because they now know it exists. Hyperdermic needle theory in full force here.

    Try not to let it discourage you from ever seeking help again. It took me a couple of years to even begin to think of counselling again, but I’m in private care now. We need to make people aware of this. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Gosh I am so sorry to hear about your experience in the UK. Here in the USA, a lot of insurance companies tend to be rather picky about paying for eating disorder treatment. They don’t seem to realize that for many people it can take up to 5 years or even longer to recover from an eating disorder.

      Stay strong and keep fighting! I know this battle is SO hard but it will make you a stronger person at the end. You don’t deserve to live with Ed and I KNOW you have the courage to defeat him!

  3. It makes me sad they rejected her. During my treatment, as soon as I went from an underweight BMI to a “normal” BMI, my insurance company wanted me to be discharged from treatment. After all the blind weigh ins I went through at program, the insurance company had the nerve to write my weight on the letter they sent to me saying they did not approve additional care.

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