Raw Foodies = Unhealthy Foodies


This morning, I nonchalantly logged into my Yahoo account with my mind set on cleaning out the plethora of emails flooding my mailbox. But once I was taken to Yahoo’s homepage, I was completely appalled with what I saw.

On Yahoo’s homepage there was a news story entitled “Pregnant Woman on Raw Food Diet Causes Controversy” and there right above the curiosity-sparking title was an image of the bony Australian designer, Loni Jane Anthony.   In the picture, she was holding a wooden tray with mason jars filled with bizarre liquids that resembled infant spit-up.

Due to my ever-growing interest in what this news story really was about, I quickly clicked on the picture to view the article.  As my eyes absorbed its words, rage and frustration began to boil inside me. I learned that Ms. Anthony was adhering to a diet completely devoid of animal-based protein (an important source of B12), dairy, and cooked foods (which severely limits your intake of grains and legumes). This extremist nutrition regime is known as the 80-10-10 diet which got it’s name from the fact that 80% of the diet is composed of carbohydrates (mostly in the form of sweet fruits), 10% comes from protein, and the last 10% comes from fats.  This restrictive diet plan is the brain-child of Dr. Douglas Graham – a man who makes the idiotic claims like that grains, meat, dairy, and legumes have no nutrient that can not be found in plant foods.

So Ms. Anthony is pregnant and following this diet. Sure eating lots of fruits and veggies is vital to good health, but this lady is ingesting NOTHING BUT THEM! Raw foodies are at high risk for developing serious and even life-threatening deficiency in nutrients such as B12, zinc, vitamin D, selenium, iron, and DHA & EPA (two important omega-3 fatty acids). By following this diet when you are pregnant, you are at even more of a risk. The bodies of pregnant women increase the amount of blood they have by 20% to 30% and because this, the body requires more iron. By eating a diet very low in iron, like the 80-10-10 diet, women are not only hurting themselves but their baby as well. Also, it has been shown that women who do not have enough B12 in their system actually don’t have enough B12 in their breast milk. This puts the infant at risk for neurological problems.

So why are folks going on this diet? Why are they risking their health and the health of their future children?  Honestly, I don’t know. But I do know that any diet that completely eliminates a food group is a recipe for disaster. So do yourself a favor and give your body the nutrition it needs by eating foods from all the food groups. Everyone deserves to enjoy food not see it as something toxic.


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9 thoughts on “Raw Foodies = Unhealthy Foodies

    1. I feel the exact same way. I wish people would realize that drastically restricting or cutting out a food group is dangerous and can lead to terrible results, especially if you are pregnant.

  1. The number 1 source of omega-3s are plants…plants foods are high in iron, calcium etc…Also vitamin D comes from the sun not from food…do you even know what there is in fruits? A lot of meat eaters are deficient in B12, B12 deficiency is not a vegan thing. Where do the minerals present in animal meat come from? Do cows eat other cows? They eat plants…Sometimes common wisdom and what is generally thaught by society is misinformation. Something is not necessarily true because everyone believes it is.

    1. I agree with you and I want to ensure you I am not misinformed. Omega-3 are commonly found in plants like walnuts and flaxseed, but sustainable seafood is another extroidenary source of omega-3s. People on the 80-10-10 ingest a diet extremely low in fat – 10% of their total caloric intake to be exact. This means if you ate a 2000 calorie diet and got 10% from fat, you would only be eating 200 calories from fat or to put that in perspective, about 22 grams. That is extremely low and since plants like avocadoes and nuts (which are fantastic sources of omega-3s) are very high in fat, strict adherents to the 80-10-10 plan would not be able to easily fit these foods into their unhealthily restrictive diets.

      The next thing you were talking about was B12. B12 is actually produced by bacteria. In the past we could get this bacteria from the dirt in the ground, but with all the sanitation requirements nowadays, that is no longer the case. Now we can only get this bacteria from animal-based foods OR carefully produced bacteria.

  2. I agree that raw veganism can be unhealthy if the person has a mindset of calorie restriction but it does not seem to be the case with this women.

    1. It doesn’t matter if she is getting enough calories, what matters is if she is getting enough micronutrients (like iron, b12, and zinc) to her prenatal nutrition needs.

      1. I am familiar with 80/10/10 and most people use cronometer.com. I am myself vegan (but not raw) and i use it to ensure i get proper micronutrients. For every food item you enter you have every info; all vitamins, minerals, all types of fats and protein. I have learned that animal meat does not contain that much B12 these days exactly for the reason you mentioned. The soils on which animals eat their plants contains a lot less B12 from surutilization. Many doctors recommend that everybody take a supplement meat eater or not. I know that many vegans get b12 shots. The story does not say if she did. I looked up and 20 bananas with greens actually gives you 88% of daily needs for omega3s.

    1. I completely agree with you! There are many micronutrients that are vital to maternal and fetal health. By going on a diet where these are drastically restricted, you are harming yourself and your future child.

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