Fighting Our Version of Evil

Evil. What is the first thing that you think of when you hear that cruel word? Do you think of the Nazis viciously slaughtering the Jews, gypsies, and mental handicapped during the Holocaust? Does the image of the Twin Towers clasping onto New York City’s street pop up in your mind? Though all those things are excellent examples of the evil that lurks in our world, we are forgetting one example that many of us are forced to deal with every second of the day.

It’s a voice that continuously abuses us.

It’s a voice that cuts us down to stumps when a morsel of food enters our mouths.

It’s a voice that forces us to stick our sore finger down our throats and worship the porcelain god.

It’s ED – one of the evilest, most heartless beings that exist.


Every moment of every day people in eating disorder recovery must fight Ed. They must talk back to him when he denies them of food and they must punch him in the face when he screams that they are fat right in their ear. Sometimes I could just switch bodies with people so they could see what’s its like to battle an eating disorder. That way they would finally know that starving, binging, and purging is not our choice, but the choice of Ed – our heartless kidnapper.



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