Eating Disorder Update – November 17th, 2013

Eating disorder wise – a lot has happened in my life. I had to go out to eat to “celebrate” (yeah, what a great way to celebrate for a person with an eating disorder) my belated birthday. Though I sucked it up and dealt with the torture, I was to pleased. Oh and to top everything all off, we might be going to Arizona!


3 thoughts on “Eating Disorder Update – November 17th, 2013

  1. Arizona is BEAUTIFUL this time of year. I know traveling and especially eating can be SO anxiety provoking. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. I hate it. I have ever since Ed took over.
    If you do go to Arizona, as hard as it might be, try to focus on the landscape and the beauty outside. You’ll be able to walk around outside during the day in a thin long sleeve and pants depending on what part of Arizona you’re in. Maybe even a short sleeve and pants again depending on what part of Arizona you will be in.

    Do you know what city you’ll be in if you go? Certain neighborhoods it’s really hard to get lost if you know which house you’re staying in. You’ll be going down the perfect time of year to go on walks and runs outside. Other neighborhoods, it’s quite easy to get lost. So just make sure you have a way to contact someone who knows their way around. Google maps is a really great way to learn your way around wherever you’re staying in Arizona.

    I was born and raised in Arizona. I moved to Washington in March of this year.

    I hope this makes it a little bit less anxiety provoking. ❤

    1. Thank you so much! Those words of your took off a little bit of the anxiety I was feeling. It’s just I always worry about exercising, you know? I fear if I am not able to I will immediately become “fat”. At least that’s what Ed makes me think.

      I think we would be going somewhere right outside of Phoenix. It would probably be in February.

      1. I’m glad I could help. I definitely know how that goes. I always worry about exercising too. I have similar fears and thoughts.

        Cool. It is beautiful in February. It’s usually in the 70’s during the day and around the 40’s at night if I remember correctly. Maybe a bit warmer or colder. It varies a little bit from year to year. It is still beautiful. Just take a light jacket with you and you should be good. 🙂

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