I Want to be Free

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that school and me don’t necessarily get a long too well. No, I’m not some infamous delinquent hated by the school administration. I am actually a very good students. I never come to class late, I’m attentive, and I usually turn my homework in on time. At parent-teacher conferences, my instructors even informed my dad that they would like all their students to be like me.

But those teachers don’t know the truth. The don’t know how I really feel about the prison-like institution dubbed as school.

I honestly hate every second of everyday that I am trapped in the school’s confines. I hate being surrounded by a bunch of immature juveniles making out in the dreary, white hallways. I hate being pelted by teachers with worksheets and irrelevant information.

I just want be free from the school’s chains and learn at my own pace. I don’t want to have to be overcome with stress when I am not able to go at a slower pace to understand something. Nor do I want sit on my ass and listen to a teacher lecture about something I knew in 4th grade.  In other words, I just want to be homeschooled. Yes, homeschooled.

Now I know a ton of people are very opinionated about this topic. Many falsely accuse homeschoolers of being anti-social train wrecks that lack the knowledge to survive in the world’s fast pace environment. I would  have to disagree with that accusation though. All of the homeschoolers I’ve meant were actually extremely well-rounded. They easily adapted to diverse social environments and also had the ability to carry a polite conversation with people older than they were!  Plus, the homeschoolers I have meant are in multiple activities including dance, gymnastics, private language and music lessons, and many spend hours volunteering.

That’s what I want for me. I want freedom. I want to learn in an environment and in a way that right for me, not right for the other 1000 some children imprisoned in my high school.

One thought on “I Want to be Free

  1. You should read my article on dearteenme.com. There’s a link on my blog. I relate to your experiences of being surrounded by kids who never took school seriously. I really benefited from the private high school I was lucky to attend.

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