Fat Acceptance Movement: The Health Threat of Today’s Age

This is what the fat-acceptance movement is encouraging.
This is what the fat-acceptance movement is encouraging.

Fat acceptance is something I’m sure you’ve been exposed to. Just think of the multiple blog posts composed by frustrated women demanding that obese mannequins infiltrate the store fronts. Or maybe you’ve heard women nagging about how corpulent females should take-over the cat walks. Wherever you may be in the world, the fat acceptance campaign is there. Whether you like it or not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely trashing anyone who is a fat-acceptance activist. I understand that these folks are on a mission to encourage individuals to have a  good body image and hey, that is something we need in this day and age. I mean, so many women beat themselves up each day because they don’t meet are society’s expectation of beautiful and that just isn’t right.

But I strongly believe that the fat acceptance movement is going about encouraging healthy body image in the wrong way. Actually, the way that they are doing this is so wrong that even medical professionals have deemed the fat-acceptance movement as a health threat.  Sure, stick-thin models strutting down the catwalk isn’t healthy, but how on earth is replacing them with half-ton models going to help? That is just sending the message that being obese is okay and you know what, it isn’t! Obesity is a DISEASE with DEADLY consequences. People who carry tons of weight are at risk for developing life-threatening medical conditions (like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes) just as anorexics are at risk for developing serious illnesses like osteoporosis and organ failure.


So whether one is a fat-acceptance zealot or a pro-ana activist, both are helping people dig their graves. We need to have a movement that encourages people to see food as medicine and to treat their bodies like a temple. Apparently though, a reasonable movement like that is too gray for this black and white world.

4 thoughts on “Fat Acceptance Movement: The Health Threat of Today’s Age

  1. I love this! I really dont see why we have to promote extremes when there are plenty of healthy body types out there that are fir some reason never in vogue

  2. I think that you have a point. I don’t believe in weight discrimination (not even in the slightest, so I’m certainly a zealot), but I do believe that being healthy is more than weight. I guess I am both a vehement fat acceptance advocate and a healthy living advocate. I don’t think that body image should be the measure of self worth, but that self worth should foster a better, healthy body.

  3. Some people have hirer body weights naturally just because someone is obese on a stupid, incorrect BMI chart doesn’t mean they will drop over dead w/ cancer. They could be this way for numerous of reasons not just because of the stigma you place on them.

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