The First Step

The First Step

I believe all people with an eating disorder, even those who are deep into their ED, want to get better. I know a lot of folks reading this may completely disagree with me, but I really do think that. I mean no one wants to be constantly tormented and abused by Ed. No one wants to not be able to go out to eat and enjoy time with family because Ed won’t let them. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE WITH AN EATING DISORDER!

But in order for us to get our lives back, we can’t just stay where we are. We need to move forward and continue to challenge Ed no matter what. Yes, it’s going to be scary. Yes, it’s going to be as hard as hell. But we can do this and every little battle we win against Ed, we are becoming stronger.

You can do this. You really can!

4 thoughts on “The First Step

      1. You are very welcome. Parents and carers seize positive news from whereever it comes from. It gives us hope. My Junipers in a good place at the moment on her journey. Other parents i know are not so lucky. Glad to read your post and re blog. Keep going forward.

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