Lost Hope

I have completely lost any ounce of hope I once had.

For months now, the pain in my bones has increased drastically and the immense fatigue I have been experiencing has resulted in me literally living in my bedroom. My parents no longer believe that the cause of my declining condition is due to some random ailment that I did not induce. Instead, they have come to the false conclusion that my illness is some delayed side effect of my anorexia nervosa or it is just a physical response to my depression.

Now whenever I say I do not feel well, they just ignore me. They don’t comfort me or give me hug. All they do is brush it off as if I am nothing but an over dramatic actress conjuring up this plethora of symptoms.

I just am so frustrated. I feel like I have no one on my side anymore and I am trying to fight for my health on my own. Let me tell you right now, that is one hard battle to fight. A 16 year old girl only has so much power and so much knowledge. I can’t do this alone and I wish they would just listen to me.


7 thoughts on “Lost Hope

    1. I have seen some specialists at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. They are investigating my condition but they are utterly baffled.

  1. I am so sorry. Although we are not there with you physically, the readers of your blog are all there for you. Even when you feel alone, we are thinking about and praying for you and hoping the very best will happen.

  2. Though you may not feel like you have anyone on your side anymore, please know that you are never alone. I can not tell you that I will always be there for you because that would be false but I can say…God is always there with you. The bible says in Jeremiah 29:11-12: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

    God has a hope for you and he always will. If no one in this world will comfort you, listen to you…he always will. It’s easy to feel powerless because truth is….we don’t have much power at all. But when we understand and believe that God is all powerful…we become strengthened and more knowledgeable than ever because of him. He gives us a power of love, and a sound mind.

    Know that I’m here for you….don’t give up

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