Snapshot: A Sick Girl in the Grocery Store

There she is. A teenage girl alone in the busy aisles of some grocery store. Her dirty blond hair is pull back into a short, sloppy ponytail with some lose strands dangling by her face. She wears a huge, puffy pink parka, not only because she feels like she is trapped a freezer, but also because its a fool-proof way to hide her body from the rest of the world.

As she slowly walks down the aisles of frozen dinners, she stops abruptly and stands looking at all the food in its colorful packaging. Her brain is working fast, trying to calculate which of these foods would not only meet her taste profile, but also please Ed – her eating disorder. Slowly, she opens one of the doors and as the cool air hits her like a brick wall, she grabs one of the boxes. Quickly she turns it over and reads the nutrition label on the side. A frown immediately takes over her beautiful face. ¬†Ed was not pleased with the food she picked up. Even though for many people this box of frozen cuisine would be considered a low-calorie meal, Ed told her that the meal’s 5 grams of fat would result in significant weight-gain – something the girl feared more than anything in the world.

The girl stayed in that aisle for quite some time, her frustration growing more and more as Ed denied her of food. Finally she left empty handed and went back into the depths of the store to hunt down her father. She knew he wouldn’t be pleased that she didn’t grab anything for dinner, but he wouldn’t yell because he knew how distressing it was for her to pick out a food.

As they walked out of the store with no food in tow, they both had a terrible feeling eating away at them. It was the feeling of losing a battle. Today the eating disorder won and there was no taking it back.


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