Eating Disorder Update PLUS S.O.S. Saturday!

Hi Everyone!
Guess what! I just finished my new video and it is up and ready for viewing! Enjoy and remember to keep moving forward!


2 thoughts on “Eating Disorder Update PLUS S.O.S. Saturday!

    1. You are totally welcome!!!!! 🙂 Keep fighting Ed and stay strong. I know things right now seem so hard and recovery sounds impossible. Recovery probably sounds like a scary prospect too! But don’t worry, staff at hospitals and treatment centers are there to help you. They really are 🙂 If you ever need any more support just contact me. There should be a tab on the top menu that says “CONTACT ME”. On that page you can write me a message and it will go to my personal email. So feel free to that and I will get back to you SUPER soon!

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