Why Isn’t All Eating Disorder Treatment Like This?

Eating disorder treatment centers nowadays claim to have it all- from beautiful facilities and horse stables to amazing high ropes courses. They say that these splendid amenities aid in a person’s fight against their eating disorder as well as ensure a long-lasting recovery.

But we all know that these wonderful activities that treatment centers claim to be “therapeutic” are nothing but bull. Treatment centers just boast these amenities because it makes them look like a 5 star facility, like the best place to end your relationship with Ed. In reality though, many centers could care less about their so-called “therapeutic” luxuries. Their main focus is to get the patient in and out as quickly as possible in order to keep beds open and to please those damn insurance companies. And how do you think they move people as quickly as possible through the treatment assembly line? Well, by getting the patient’s using whatever measures possible. This means overwhelming sickly and scared patients with meals big enough to feed a giant. This means inhumanely forcing feeding tubes down patient’s noses when their fear causes them to be able to finish one of their gigantic meals. This means the patient is trapped in a place that many would define as hell.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a person in this world who understands eating disorders better than anyone? What if I were to tell you this person has saved a countless amount of lives through her treatment philosophy of unconditional love?

This video I attached features a woman named Peggy Claude-Pierre, the author of the amazing book The Secret Language of Eating Disorders, and she is the person I am talking about. If all treatment centers took her approach, I have to wonder how many of us would be struggling today.


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