Off to the ER

Despite the fact a snow storm in brewing here in the frozen Wisconsin tundra, my mom and I are going to brave the heartless weather and head out on the road.

No, we are not planning on going to the home of family or friends where the joy of the upcoming holiday fills the air.

We are going to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.



For awhile now, you all know I have been trying so hard to manage the pain but despite the plethora of prescription painkillers I am on, nothing eases my agony. Last night the pain was horrific. It stemmed from my back and shot through my arms and legs. We were going to go to the ER last night, but the idea of going through a marathon of intrusive medical examinations all through the night did not appeal to both me and my mom. So together we decided it would be best to head to the ER once the sun rose. Not only would this give my mom time to recuperate, but I think she was also holding on to the false belief that maybe I would miraculously feel better. I was holding on to that hope as well.

But as I lay here in my bed wanting to cry due to the pain, I am faced with the grim reality that I don’t feel any better and that I can’t manage the pain independently anymore. I need help. I just need one doctor to give me some help.

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