They Say this Doll Causes Anorexia. I Say that’s a Bunch of Bull

It seems like nowadays people are blaming everything for causing innocent children, teens, and adults for being a victim of Ed. They point there fingers at twig-like models, the diet industry, and the media’s heartless portrayal of people stricken with obesity. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that all of these factors don’t have a positive effect on the body image of today’s generation, but do I believe they are the soul cause of eating disorders? Of course not! Eating disorder are the result of genetic predispositions and environmental triggers like traumatic events for example. Saying the media causes anorexia is like saying you’ll get cancer if you eat that conventionally grown apple. Overkill? You bet!

So that is why I got quite frustrated when I saw one of my fellow recovering anorexics post on her Facebook a link to an article about a doll that supposedly causes anorexia. The doll is not some sickly skeletal Barbie. It’s actually an adorable electronic baby doll created by a European company called Nenuco. You may be wondering why eating disorder specialists are outraged by the creation of this cute toy for children. Well the reason why folks are getting so uptight is because this doll refuses food when you try to stick a little plastic spoon in its mouth. It does eat however if you put the plastic spoon in the right way. This doll is suppose to reenact the difficulties mothers face when they try to feed their stubborn infants mushed carrots. Eating disorder specialist believe though that the dolls stubborn I’m-not-going-to-eat attitude will cause children across the globe to turn into emaciated skeletons.

I honest think those people who are saying that bullshit are going way to far. For god sakes, it’s a doll that is simulating what mothers go through each and every mealtime! Do you see mothers coming down with bulimia or anorexia because they see they can’t get their baby to eat a jar of Gerber? No!!!!!!!!

Little girls long to reenact what they see their moms doing and what of those things happen to be getting their kid to eat their food. So let’s stop the paranoia people and end blaming the world for our or our loved-ones eating disorders!

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