A Witness to Unawareness

I noticed that many gifted bloggers who struggle with eating disorders have been producing beautiful posts like it has been going out of style.  Many of the posts shed light on what it is truly like to live with the world's most abusive individual - Ed. This of course spreads awareness like wildfire, which is [...]


Help Someone Kick Ed’s Ass!

This picture of a beautiful young lady is a picture of Rebecca Koch. Though she looks like a typical 18 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her, she has been through a lot more than most people will ever have to go through in a lifetime. For most of her life, she [...]

The Consequences of the Deadliest Mental Illness: An Anorexic’s Blood

Anorexia nervosa is a horrific disease that wages war on not only the soul of the individual but also every single part of their body. It massacres the bones causing them to become weak and brittle, it ferociously assaults the heart, and it can even permanently erase a women's treasured ability to have her own [...]

If You Want to Help Folks with Eating Disorders, Get Your Facts Straight!

Hey everyone! I am happy to say that school will start 2 hours later than usual, allowing me to release all my feelings on this very blog post. So sit back and relax as you get a glimpse of what is going on is my racing mind. . . So last night as I was [...]

From My Enemy to My Hero

I know a lot of you readers have followed my blog since its birth this summer, and I am sure by now you know the broken relationship that I have with the person I am suppose to love unconditionally - my mother. So many fights have broken out between us. Some were physical, leaving is [...]