Help Someone Kick Ed’s Ass!


This picture of a beautiful young lady is a picture of Rebecca Koch. Though she looks like a typical 18 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her, she has been through a lot more than most people will ever have to go through in a lifetime. For most of her life, she has been in and out of nearly 30 different treatment centers and has been taken to the emergency room a plethora of times. Now after years of struggles and hardships, she is finally kicking Ed’s ass and fighting for recovery. Currently she has been out of the hospital for over 3 months, which is actually the longest time she has EVER been out of the hospital in YEARS.

As you can imagine though, constant hospitalizations has plunged her and her mom into severe dept. So Rebecca set up an account on in order to raise money to help get her and her mom back on their feet. Please go to and donate.  Even just a dollar will make a HUGE difference for this young lady and her mom!

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