A Witness to Unawareness

I noticed that many gifted bloggers who struggle with eating disorders have been producing beautiful posts like it has been going out of style.  Many of the posts shed light on what it is truly like to live with the world’s most abusive individual – Ed. This of course spreads awareness like wildfire, which is apparently exactly what you are suppose to do during eating disorder awareness week.

But while other fellow bloggers have been madly composing the descriptive words in their series of eating disorder awareness week posts, I was not. Instead of spreading awareness like I should be doing, I became a witness to unawareness.  I was shocked to see that there were no posters hung up around my community reminding people of the real horrors of eating disorder. There were no announcements blaring in the morning while I sit in my French class at high school. There wasn’t even a minuscule article in the local newspaper! The only things I heard about eating disorders this week were brain-dead adolescents using the term “anorexic” to insult people, just like usual.

I though am going to change that and even if the action I will take will only touch the minds of 20 young people, so be it. It’s 20 more than before.  So you are probably all wondering what I am planning to do. Well, in my health occupations seminar at school, we were given the assignment of creating a health education presentation.  Seeing this as an incredible opportunity to educate today’s insensitive youth, I chose the topic of anorexia nervosa. For 3 weeks I have been diligently preparing my presentation, adding everything from the long history of disease to the hypermetabolic state anorexics face during the refeeding process.  By the time my presentation is done, I am confident that those teenagers will actually leave with some knowledge.

After experiencing this  year’s ED awareness week, it is quite evident people need to get up and out of their computers and start making a difference in their community.   Sure, the internet is a wonderful tool to communicate with others the importance of understanding eating disorders, but nothing beats actually meeting with people face-to-face and sharing your story. Yes, I know it is hard but the hardest things in life are the things that are worth it.  So get up and get out because you (yes you) have the power to make difference!

3 thoughts on “A Witness to Unawareness

  1. This post kinda angered me at first, but only because you’re right. I just sat and listened while my supervisor mocked binge eating disorder saying the sufferers were pathetic. And I said nothing because I was too choked up and didn’t want to start crying like an idiot in front of him. I don’t even know that I would have won the argument and then maybe he would think less of me and restrict my chances of progression at work? But then if we all think like this and say nothing, nothing will change. We can make the difference for future sufferers. Well done.

    1. I am sorry to here your supervisor is so uneducated about eating disorders, but you shouldn’t let that bring you down 🙂 . Together we ca educate people about the truth of eating disorders.

      Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Although, I should say that I did have 173 conversations during Time to Talk day earlier in the month. So, that may have helped. And I educated my GP who was rubbish and I got him to look up more information about it on the internet – quite proud of myself about that. He even changed his mind and referred me to the eating disorder clinic.

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