A Social Life

Due to the depressing and rather pessimistic post I produced just a few days ago, I think you as my readers are entitled to read something  that at least contains a slight glimmer of hope.  So, I decided to write about a recent event that absolutely filled every part of my chunky, overweight body with joy. What was this spectacular occurrence, you ask? Well, it was the beginning of my social life.

As most of you are aware, my social life has been pretty nonexistent. Since freshman year, I have completely isolated myself from the asinine juveniles who roam the plain halls of my high school. Now though, things have changed. In November of 2013, I meant a girl in my gym class who had moved here from Pakistan just 3 short years ago.  As time passed on, we began spending more time with each other and even started texting.  On Saturday, we both decided to hang out and at 9am I came to her house so we could catch the city bus to our city’s quaint downtown.   We spent a whole 3 hours down there taking a plethora of selfies, window shopping at cute boutiques, drinking delicious tea at a cafe filled with college students, and ended the day with grabbing some grub at a local Subway restaurant.   It was honestly the best day I had in my life.  During the short time we were together, my smiles and laughs were completely genuine.  For years, I faked these two signs of happiness and enjoyment and it felt wonderful to actually be able to smile and mean it for once.

This wonderful event has taught me the important role that friendship plays in regards to one’s mental health. When you have no confidant, your emotions go haywire. You begin to drown in a turbulent sea of depression.  Your heart begins to break as you come to the realization that no one cares about you enough to spend even a second with you.   But once you find a true friend, they save you from drowning and help mend your broken heart.  It is amazing what friendship can do.

Having a little bit too much fun with those selfies . . .  :)
Having a little bit too much fun with those selfies . . . 🙂

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