Living with an Eating Disorder: Socializing with an ED

Well everybody, I am happy to say I FINALLY made the second video in my new video series Living with an Eating Disorder. For those of you who aren’t aware of why I suddenly stopped making my YouTube videos, let me explain to you what happened. When I made my first video in the series I received a comment from an idiotic asshole who said I was fat. This comment caused my ED to shout in my ear louder than ever before and the idea of making another video filled me with fear. I didn’t want to make a video and be called fat again. If someone called me that one more time, I think I would enter a full-blown relapse.

So, that’s kinda what happened there. . . . Anyway, let’s talk about what this new video is about. It’s about something that I think ALL people with eating disorders struggle with – socialization. Our EDs make it EXTREMELY difficult for us to step out of our box and enjoy life. In this video I discuss my struggles with socialization as well as some easy tips to help overcome your food-related social anxieties.


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