Daily Inspiration: The Sun Will Rise


Today isn’t going to be an easy day for me. It involves sitting on my fat ass for 2 hours to get to the Children’s Hospital for another appointment. Even after months of pain, nausea, relentless vomiting, and wacky lab values, the doctors STILL can’t put a finger on what the hell is wrong with me. Naturally, this has resulted in me becoming tremendously frustrated and angry with the situation I am caged in.  Each time I leave the Children’s Hospital without a definitive diagnosis, I go further and further into this dark state of mind.

In order to deal with the anxiety, fear, and frustration of yet another dreaded doctor appointment, I went on a hunt for a quote that left me feeling at least slightly comforted and optimistic.  The quote I ended up discovering was from Victor Hugo’s beloved novel Les Miserables.  The quote – which is shown above – reminds me that though today may be dark and dreary, there IS a light at the end of long tunnel. It reminds me that there is hope. It reminds me that one day my life will not be as difficult as it is right now.


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