Daily Inspiration: The Only Way to Change

in order to change

People go into eating disorder treatment for many reasons. Sometimes the parents of a child or adolescent suffering from an ED drag their offspring to a treatment center against their will. Sometimes it is a life-saving court order that results in one’s involuntary hospitalization. And sometimes the families of the individual with the ED host a hardcore intervention where the ailing individual is given no choice but to accept treatment or face horrific, life-altering consequences.

Now of course their are also people who make the wise choice to admit themselves into a hospital or treatment center, but from my experience, voluntary hospitization seems to be a rare occurrence. The vast majority of ED victims I have meant are being held in treatment centers not because they wanted to kick Ed’s ass, but because they had no other option.

People who find themselves “trapped” in an ED program involuntarily tend to not have any motivation to recover, and they usually just play by the rules until they are discharged. Once they are out of those hospital walls, they immediately throw their meal plans in the trash, rip apart their therapy worksheets, and “forget” to show up to outpatient appointments.

And here’s where that quote you see above comes in. It says that the only way one can change is if they become sick and tired of being sick and tired. For us folks with eating disorders, this quote basically is telling us that the only way we are going to live Ed-free is if we finally get sick of how terrible Ed makes us feel both physically and emotionally. We have to become sick of feeling run down and exhausted. We have to become sick of being rushed to the emergency room for heart problems and/or dehydration. We have to become sick of seeing the grief and worry written all over the faces of our family members. We have to become sick of living a life for Ed, and not for ourselves.



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