No One Knew

Not too long ago, there was once a little girl.

Her short gold hair was the brilliant color of the shining sun.

Her tiny pink toddler lips seemed to be constantly curved into a huge grin.

And if you looked into her wide ocean-blue eyes, it was almost like you could see into the girl’s gleeful soul.

But no one knew what the future held for this tiny tot.

No one knew that  just 2 years later she would start comparing her body to other preschoolers.

No one knew that at age 7 she hated herself because she knew she was chunkier than the rest of her classmates.

No one knew that by age 9 she would get down on her knees, open her mouth, and allow half-digested food to fall into the toilet.

No one knew that once she made it into the 7th grade, she would begin to start eating only 400 calories a day.

No one knew this innocent child would be consumed by a vicious eating disorder.

No one knew.



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