Daily Inspiration: Survive and Thrive


For many people with anorexia nervosa, the disease is not just a diagnosis but a death sentence. 20% of those suffering from this deadly brain disorder will pass away and only 50% will ever be able to say that they have freed themselves from Ana’s tight grasp.  Though these statistics are extremely disheartening and may cause you to  believe that there is absolutely no hope, remember that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A STATISTIC. You CAN get help. You CAN fight Ana until it is she, not you, who surrenders. You CAN survive!

And let me tell you, once you make it out of Ana’s dark tunnel, you will become a stronger person. Like Brian Cuban’s quote up above says, you will have learned so many things from your struggles and maybe you will chose to do something positive with your newly discovered knowledge.  You could spread eating disorder awareness and teach others that people with EDs are not  seeking vanity or thinness- they are sick. You could find a way to teach young girls about the importance of eating everything in moderation and help them learn to love their beautiful, God-given bodies. Hell, you could become a doctor, nurse practitioner, or dietitian that specializes in eating disorders and help people get on the road to recovery. There are so many possibilities and every single one of these possibilities could save someone’s life.

Put Ana in her grave before she takes you to yours and take what you have learned so you can change someone’s life. You can do it! I believe in you!


P.S. I will be making a new Vlog video today! Have any suggestions? Make sure to comment below!


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