On the “Fat Pill”

So folks, do you remember that one post not too long ago where I released my fears about taking the 20 dreaded milligrams of one of the most notorious pills in the world – prednisone? Do you remember how I allowed my anxieties to get the better of me and made the illogical, relatively dangerous choice of refusing the medication all together?  Well everybody, my mind has made a total 180 and I decided to pop that round, peach colored prednisone pill this morning.

Now I bet you’re wondering how I went from being so determined not to take the prednisone to voluntarily taking this side-effect laden drug. It all is because of a single, kind comment written by a mother of an ED child.

This woman (who I swear probably has a heart made of pure gold) wrote one of the longest comments I’ve seen. She described how my blog allows her to see in the eyes of an anorexic which allows her to better empathize with her child’s condition. She explained how she agreed with my views on many controversial topics in the world of eating disorders such as physical activity and how to properly treat with an anorexic.  But what was also in the comment was her personal struggle with an undiagnosed condition that is causing her a myriad of debilitating symptoms. This kind-hearted woman told me how not taking my medication could result the doctors having an even harder time diagnosing me and the way she composed her nurturing words actually made me second-guess the decision I made in regards to the the prednisone.

After careful deliberation and reflection, I made the decision that this Saturday morning, the pill would be put in my  mouth and swallowed. And when I awakened to the springy sound of birds chirping, I did just that.



3 thoughts on “On the “Fat Pill”

  1. Good for you!! It’s amazing how people we don’t even know can have such a tremendous impact on our lives.

  2. I don’t know how many times I’ve refuse to take prednisone out of fear just like yours. It’s times like that where I realize that those dark, nagging voices that belonged to my ED can always resurface. It puts things in perspective when you think about compromising your health for a slight deviation in a number on the scale. Glad you were able to overcome your fears. Very nice post.

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