Get Ready! There will be a VIDEO TODAY!

Alright folks, I am pleased to  say that today I will be posted ANOTHER Living with an Eating Disorder video on YouTube! I know, isn’t that just super duper exciting?  🙂  Today’s topic for the video will be how to deal with and prevent purging. Purging is an eating disorder behavior that I am sure a majority of ED victims participate in at some point in their illness.  In the video I will discuss my own struggles with purging and how YOU can overcome the urge to purge!  I will post the video her on the blog today but make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see it right when it comes out!

Ok everyone! Remember you are amazing and strong and I believe in you. You CAN beat Ed! You CAN live the life you deserve!

P.S. Have ideas for video topics?  Comment below!

One thought on “Get Ready! There will be a VIDEO TODAY!

  1. This is kind of basic but maybe a video topic about: Shopping with one who has an ED ? Is there a difference; if so what is the difference ? How one feels about “sizes”, trying to wear clothes that make them feel good/or what makes them not feel good.

    Best wishes on all of your videos. I saw that you posted one the other day…it’s truly courageous to post as you do on You tube!

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