Eating Disorder Update: I AM SO FAT

As you can probably tell from this vlog’s title, my body image is horrendous. I feel like I am a blubbery whale with two colossal legs and because of this, the idea of going out in public fills me with dread. I fear people will stare at my revolting physique and whisper amongst their beautifully thin friends about my hideously overweight body.

With each passing day, my eating disorder’s cruel voice has become stronger and stronger. Though I have mustard up the courage to ignore some of the things he says, I am realizing that it is not possible to ignore him forever. His voice is just two loud and he is becoming too powerful.

I feel so bad for having to write a post so negative as this one, but this is honestly what the real world of eating disorders is and always will be like this – a living hell.


2 thoughts on “Eating Disorder Update: I AM SO FAT

  1. Yes. You are beautiful sweetie. You’re smart and lovely. I’m sorry that your mind tells you something different, but I’m so glad to see you fighting. Thank you for the videos. Your strength will help so many with similar struggles. ❤

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