I Was Social . . . TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Yes folks, despite my horrendous anxiety, I was able to overcome my feelings of intense dread and apprehension and actually visit with friends not once BUT TWICE this week.  Both times I actually considered calling it off and sticking to the comforting but rather inflexible daily routine I bide by.   Fortunately, the tiny healthy [...]

Do Parents Cause Eating Disorders?

For a very long time parents have been blamed for their child's eating disorder. Clinicians working with eating disorder patients regularly performed "parentectomies" and made it a point to limit the parent's involvement in their child's treatment. Fortunately today physicians, psychologists, and dietitians are realizing the importance of involving families in eating disorder treatment. But [...]

What’s MinnieMaud?

MinnieMaud is a type of non-evidence based treatment protocol for those suffering from a restrictive eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa. Because of it's do-it-yourself style, I think many eating disorder sufferers find it quite appealing. No one wants to go into a treatment center and lose complete control over their food intake, so when folks [...]