Do Parents Cause Eating Disorders?

For a very long time parents have been blamed for their child’s eating disorder. Clinicians working with eating disorder patients regularly performed “parentectomies” and made it a point to limit the parent’s involvement in their child’s treatment. Fortunately today physicians, psychologists, and dietitians are realizing the importance of involving families in eating disorder treatment. But there are still those health professionals out there who would rather stick with their old school knowledge of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other eating disorders instead of adapting to using FBT (family-based therapy). I also believe that another reason why the belief that “parents cause eating disorder” lives on is because ED sufferers feel the need to make sense of why they got such a merciless brain disorder. By blaming their parents for the development of their eating disorder, the ED patient removes the blame they cast upon themselves for developing the illness.

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One thought on “Do Parents Cause Eating Disorders?

  1. I don’t think parents do…..but as a parent of an ED sufferer i would say that wouldn’t I?

    In my experience it was something which developed and my wife and i didn’t spot it…why would we? How could we? We didn’t know about it. We do now.

    We see the signs…but we are still powerless. The power to beat ED is with the sufferer. All parents can do is hope….and pray …..and try and help when they can.

    I have met with a few parents. We Are pretty much the same. Helpless, hopeless and shit scared!

    Anything which can empower parents is a good thing it might be only a minute % in the battle. But every little does really help.


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