Pushed Aside

Therapists are suppose to be people you can trust with everything. They are suppose to be the people who will help lead you out of the abyss of mental illness. They are suppose to be the people that will keep hold of your hand and never EVER let go, even when it seems like everyone [...]


The Ed Vacation Chronicles: Heading Home

On the 24th of August , I opened my heavy eyes as I lay awkwardly on the hotel's rock hard couch (which I had turned into a makeshift bed for my family's relatively stressful Chicago vacation). My mom was already up in the other room folding her clothing and carefully organizing it into her ocean-blue [...]

The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 2nd Full Day

After my whole family stuffed their stomachs with the "lets-get-diabetes" goodies from the hotels complementary breakfast, we made our way to the bus stop to visit the Shedd Aquarium. That morning I was in a particularly good mood. I was bound and determined to make-up what happened the day before to my parents, so I [...]

The Ed Vacation Chronicles: 1st Full Day

Friday was the first full day of being in the overwhelming large city of Chicago and to be honest, it wasn't as nightmarish as my mind attempted to make me believe. At 7:27am I walked in the room where my younger sister and father were soundly sleeping and wakened them. It took about 10 minutes [...]