What are My Fear Foods?

Food is something that gives us life – it keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, and our brains thinking. But when anorexia nervosa devours one”s logical mind, consuming any form of nourishment can be a formidable undertaking. Some foods though can be much more difficult, even seemingly impossible, to consume than others because ED patients believe they will cause instantaneous weight-gain.  In the eating disorder community, these foods are dubbed “fear foods”.

Fear foods usually consist of foods that are laden with calories or fat, like the various assortment of junk foods we have in our western culture, but one’s list of fear foods depends highly on the individual. One ED patient may have a morbid fear of something like rice while another.

In this vlog, I go into detail about the foods that fill me with dread. Since this vlog is about fear foods, it contains a considerable amount of eating disorder thinking. If you find this to be triggering, I ask that you don’t watch this video as I have no intention of fueling anyone’s disease.  I made this vlog to open people’s eyes on how much an eating disorder affects one’s life and also because making a vlog like this is therapeutic for me. It allows me to release my thoughts and receive support from others (which is very difficult to get since eating disorders are such lonely illnesses and are rather stigmatized).

If you would like to learn more about fear foods, please check out these links!


One thought on “What are My Fear Foods?

  1. I haven’t watched your video, mainly because it scares me a little to do so, but I think your reasons for doing it are so inspiring; thank you for the links though, some really good advice 🙂

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